Case Study #1: Nationwide Department Store Retailer

Program Highlights

Resource Plus designed custom programs for the client’s new store set up, reset, and remodel requirements.  We did this by provided staffing and facilities for fixture consolidation which reduced the new store opening time from 7 to 4 weeks. We identified and helped the retailer resolve fundamental problems with a new store electrical layout, dimension accuracy, fixture layout, and monitored general contractor overruns. Resource Plus acted as liaison with union officials in certain locales and implemented a 230 store fixture consolidation and shipping program to coordinate with department installation. The project consisted of 15 teams of 5 people each. Our total hours exceeded 40,000.


We helped produce $1,665,000 in additional sales in first year by reducing time required to open stores and an estimated $3,000,000 in additional sales in 2007 due to rapid store openings. We had an overall completion of 230 stores in two months and met deadline for pre-purchase advertising launch.