How to Efficiently Remodel Your Store

Whenever a business needs to remodel their store it is, more often than not, a large undertaking.  There is a massive amount of coordination that needs to take place before a single shelf can be moved.  Between organizing general contractors and construction crews, a store remodel can be an incredibly difficult process.

Beyond the time it takes to remodel even part of a store, it will take money.  Crews need to be paid, current employees need to be paid, and materials need to be bought.  Obviously, the larger the remodel, the more money it will take.  One aspect that many people do not take into account is the fact that most stores need to be closed while remodeling takes place.

Closing a store during a remodel hurts a store’s bottom line because it completely stops the flow of revenue into the store.

There is one simple way to avoid losing so much money during a commercial remodel and that is done by keeping the store open during the remodel.  Like most things, this is easier said than done.  So how does a store remain open during a remodel?

  • Complete the remodel in phases.  By laying your construction out in steps, you can still leave large portions of the store open for normal shopping.  Each individual store would have to balance the amount of construction with the level of comfort for the customers.
  • Do the remodel at night after the store is closed.  In most cases this method   requires that the remodel be done in phases.  Mobex equipment can be used to roll the loaded shelves out of the way at night.  In the morning prior to store opening, move the fixtures back in place for normal business operations.
  • Utilize gondola mobilization devices.  As perhaps the most effective tool for any commercial remodel, gondola mobilization devices can make moving shelves and racks incredibly easy.  Each system can be set up and completely moved by only a few people so there is simply no need for a large workforce at all times.

By remodeling a store while it’s open, there is still the opportunity for revenue to come in.  If you have questions about how to efficiently remodel your store, visit today.