Our Company

Resource Plus, a Fixture Installation and Product Merchandising Company

Your solution for top quality fixture installation. Resource Plus, Inc. is a professional fixture installation-“fix and product merchandising company. We execute programs for a variety of retail clientele and all classes of trade encompassing grocery, drug, department, furniture, hardware, computer/office supply, electronic, specialty, hotels and home improvement outlets. Our organizational structure is comprised of 2 divisions: Merchandising Services and Professional Installation.

Resource Plus possesses a depth of expertise that assures our clientele a quality result in a timely and professional manner. An experienced corporate client in the Retail Industry has heard it all … we have the latest equipment and technology … our service is the best in the industry … our quality is excellent … and so on.

Product merchandising for an array of retail industries. So what is the difference when all competing companies seem to have the same story? What is it that really makes the difference between a program that exceeds the expected goals and a program that barely gets the project completed? At Resource Plus, it continues to be the same asset today as it was when our company began in 1997 … OUR PEOPLE.

Do we have the latest technology, quality control assurances, experienced employee base and client dedication? Yes, of course we do. Resource Plus has so much more. The difference that separates us from the other organizations parroting marketing spin catch phrases is the Resource Plus passion for quality people and performance excellence.

The ultimate proof is in our work product and that is what differentiates Resource Plus from our competitors.

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