Company History

Resource Plus provides services and innovative merchandising strategies on a national basis for prominent marketers throughout the retail industry. Capabilities include remerchandising resets, new store set-ups, remodels, relocations, merchandising, fixture installation, gondola mobilization  and special projects formulated to meet a particular client need or request. The company presently engages over 850 full time employees throughout the United States.

Joseph “Joe” L. Paulk founded Resource Plus in 1997 as part of a group of companies operated by Central Garden and Pet, a California company. Using Jacksonville, Florida as a base of operations, Mr. Paulk began his initial enterprise with 2 office employees and 15 field operatives who followed the simple tenet of keeping promises to clients and always honoring the guarantee of acceptable result. This concise strategy produced a reputation for reliability and quality control.

Following a period of significant growth generated by the burgeoning reputation of Resource Plus, the company was split into 2 divisions in 1998. The Merchandising Services Division controlled all merchandising concerns and the Installation Division dealt with new store set up, remodels, fixture programs and related projects.

In 2000 Mr. Paulk decided to gain independent ownership of Resource Plus. He enlisted the help of Richard Justus who became his partner in the investment. This alliance of finances and industry expertise resulted in a restructuring of the company that enabled reduction of costs and a significant increase in sales. Under this new executive management structure with Richard Justus as President & CEO, and Joe Paulk as Vice-President, Resource Plus ended its first quarter of operation as a profitable endeavor and has continued to replicate these auspicious results with each new project as it unfolds.