Lawn and Garden Division

Our Lawn and Garden Division employs more than 400 full time and 300 cyclical employees. This employee base manages and maintains the service programs for the national home improvement Live Nursery Departments.

Garden Center Merchandising Services

Since the beginning of the decade, Resource Plus has served as the premier merchandising service provider in nationwide Lawn and Garden retail outlets. This service includes plant merchandising, signage programs, seasonal garden center display implementation, plant-o-gram creations, distribution and execution, garden center set creation, seasonal adjustments and inventory management assistance.

Our garden center procedures include:

  • Stocking/Down stocking
  • Merchandise Live Goods
  • Fronting/Blocking
  • Ensure Merchandise is Plan-o-gram Compliant
  • Customer Service
  • Pricing/Labeling
  • Signage
  • Cull Distressed Product
  • Buyback Administration
  • Complete Product Surveys
  • Pictures/Digital Verification
  • Immediate Response to Issues
  • Address Store Management Priorities
  • Cycle Counts
  • Proficiency in Tablet and Laptop Technology